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Boost your bathroom with a stylish niche!

July 2, 2024

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, you’re likely doing so to improve organization and storage, level up your style, or both. In this case, bathroom niches are the perfect addition to your design! They offer practicality and a unique aesthetic to your layout. If you’ve never considered niches before, or don’t know where to start, consider this your guide.

Be prepared

You need to make a few niche-specific considerations when working on your bathroom reno, so be sure to consider the following when developing your layout and budget:

  • How big and how many: standard bathroom niches are about 12” by 24”. If that doesn’t work for you, consider larger sizes or multiple niches, the latter being a solid choice for bathrooms crowded with several family members.
  • Keep it waterproof: Whether your niche is going in the shower or not, every niche needs to be waterproofed properly. You’re introducing a break in the standard wall, after all! Protect your niches with waterproof membrane and seal it carefully.
  • Where will they go: The best way to plan out the location for your bathroom niche is to picture what you’ll use it for. Those bathroom items you use most often and would love to have handy could live in that niche, but does that mean having it in the shower or next to the vanity? Or both?

After you’ve given some consideration to how you’re going to use bathroom niches in your next reno, the next step is to check out the unique ways you can customize your bathroom niches, and by extension, your entire bathroom reno.

Illuminated niches

If you’d like to add a little drama to your new bathroom, you can illuminate your new niches! A small, energy-efficient LED strip can give an eye-catching effect to any bathroom decor, while subtly brightening up a room that is sometimes starved for lighting.

Niches with shelves

Depending on the height of niche you choose, and the items you plan on storing, you might want to have multiple tiers within your niche. You can streamline the process by purchasing a prefabricated bathroom niche with shelves built in.

Niches of different sizes

If you opt for a prefabricated niche, don’t worry about being restricted to a single layout. We mentioned that 12” by 24” is considered standard size, but many manufacturers offer a range of widths and heights for niche inserts. Narrow and tall, square-shaped, long and wide, you’ll be able to find the ideal niche to suit your bathroom needs.

Will your bathroom be naughty or niche?

A niche can add dimension and sophistication to your new bathroom, while also boosting functionality and practicality. It also adds complexity to the design, calling for careful planning. If you’re ready to integrate this exciting design element into your layout, but are unsure about the process, stop by our Hamilton showroom and talk to a bathroom expert. We’ll make sure you have the plans and materials in place to create your dream bathroom, niches and all!

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