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Inspiration for your next kitchen reno

December 6, 2022

 Across all spaces throughout the household, there is no room as inviting, elegant, and unique as the kitchen. The kitchen is the directional focus of every family, so it is imperative that you invest in remodeling or at least modifying your kitchen. Below are some of the most attractive ways to redesign your kitchen that will amaze your guests and reinvent your living space.

Rustic farmhouse kitchen design

Rustic Farmhouse

The best way to bring heart and warmth to the home is by installing a rustic farmhouse-designed kitchen. This subtle design will be simple yet eye-catching to all your guests. The vintage wooden look is ideal for cozy cottages and smaller environments.

Mid-century modern kitchen layout

Mid-Century Modern

This on-trend look is a beautiful and charming complement to your home. With its classic style, warm tones, and timeless textures, everyone will be expressing how beautiful your kitchen is.

Open concept kitchen and dining room

Open Space, Open Concept

Having an open-concept kitchen allows each element of your home to flow easier. Without interior walls to divide rooms, this design will benefit smaller spaces, making them appear more spacious.

Contrasting kitchen elements and accents

When Differences Collide

The perks of incorporating contrasting aspects into your kitchen include a distinctive and sophisticated design, various factors merging as one cohesive piece, and a kitchen unlike any other.

Neutral colours for kitchen designs

Neutral Beauty

The addition of neutral accents adds an amiable and cool tone to a kitchen, combining comfort and extravagance in the best ways possible. A modern look with timeless traditional pieces comes together to form the most incredible place for entertaining guests and relaxing with the whole family.

Clean white kitchen fixtures

Chic White

With white being such a happy colour, creating a white kitchen will undoubtedly bring purity and style to your home. This design goes perfectly with homes that bring in a lot of natural light. This versatile colour is a great, if not the best, way to remodel your dream home.

Large kitchen islands for cooking and entertaining

Island Focused

Calling all cooking lovers! What better way to accent your kitchen than expanding your island countertop? This corresponding aspect to any kitchen design is significant for secondary storage and additional seating to accommodate more guests.

Updating kitchen accents

Out with the Old, In with the New

Sometimes it's not the kitchen that needs remodeling but the surrounding accents that could benefit from revamping. Installing new flooring such as hardwood, laminate, or tile is excellent for a long-lasting, durable feel that will enhance the overall look of your home.

Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality

There are many unique variations of kitchen remodeling inspiration. The kitchen is every household's fundamental spotlight. Prioritize modifying or reimagining your kitchen into inviting center of communication in your home. As practically everyone in the family uses it, the kitchen is an important place in every house that brings people together. Visit the Barton Bath + Floor showroom today, and we'll take your inspiration to the next level.

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