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Victoria + Albert Promotion

Victoria + Albert Promotion

Ends December 20, 2020


The Kit 40 and Kit 36 bathtub drains work just like a normal ‘click-clack’ drain, however, if the maximum safe depth of water is reached (circa 14" for the Kit 36 and 16" for the Kit 40) then patented technology within these IntelliDrains triggers the plug to open, helping to avoid overflowing.

Once the faucet is turned off, the IntelliDrain allows the tub to empty and then automatically reseals, allowing the bather to enjoy a deep soak.

KIT 70
Install a Freestanding Bath Tub
in minutes with this patented Island Tub Drain. Allows for freestanding tub location to be defined at rough-in and installed over finished floor. Features an asymmetrical deck flange which makes installation in tight spaces easier.

Get 35% off

on Victoria + Albert® drains Kit 40, Kit 36 and Kit 70, in all finishes

Get 15% off

on all Barcelona, Barcelona 2, Barcelona 3 and Vetralla tubs from Victoria + Albert®

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