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A Shower Experience so Luxurious, You Won’t Want to Get Out!

January 11, 2024

You’ve mapped out everything for the perfect bathroom reno, but you’re looking to take this project from excellent to transcendent. Why not have another look at your plans for the shower? You have some exciting options that can completely transform your shower experience.

Shower Walls

You’ve likely opted for tile walls in your shower, and maybe you’ve even found an unconventional style or pattern to make this shower reno uniquely yours. Why not take it a step further and go beyond tile?

If you’ve never seen vinyl panels as an option for shower walls, you’re in for a treat. They can be printed with a near-endless range of high-quality designs, and are available in dimensions fitting most standard shower sizes. Get inspired by the designs on display at Miraluxe!

The panels are full-length fitted sections with minimal seams, making them easy to clean and maintain. No more scrubbing gross mildew out of the grout!

Glass Doors

Glass shower doors have come a long way. You may still think of them as clunky, ill-fitting, hard to clean, and extremely dangerous in the event of a slip in the shower. Modern shower doors, such as ones you’ll find in the Kalia Koncept Evo series, are here to change your mind.

If your space (or preference) dictates a shower door that either slides or opens, you’ve got options. You can select hardware to match the rest of your bathroom experience, and even save space with functional and ergonomic handles that double as towel racks. These beautiful glass panels are specially coated for easy cleaning and to safely contain glass shards in the unlikely event of fall and breakage.

Shower Floors

An elevated shower design can be brought back to earth quickly with an uninspired shower base. You may think you need to sacrifice style for function just to make sure you don’t end up flooding your bathroom, and opt for something mismatched and clunky, with high edges.

Modern shower floors, like the Kover and Lauza series from Kalia, are ingeniously engineered to eliminate the need for compromise. The base of your new shower experience can coordinate beautifully with your entire bathroom reno, and remain nearly flush with the rest of the flooring. This stylish design consideration is also safer for those with mobility challenges.

In-Floor Heating

Does underfloor heating sound like a complicated, expensive, over-the-top luxury add-on to your dream bathroom? If so, we encourage you to do two things before passing judgment:

  1. Research the process. In-floor heating systems from providers like Warmup are easy to install, energy efficient, and more cost effective than you might realize.
  2. Give it a try! Or at the very least, imagine a bitterly cold winter morning, and instead of stepping onto little ice blocks passing for bathroom tiles, your poor bare feet land on a perfectly warmed surface, allowing you to start your morning ritual (and thus your entire day) in a much more pleasant state of mind!

Wait - did we get off track with the shower experience? Don’t heated bathroom floors cover everything but the shower? This is the best part: your in-floor heating system can actually extend all the way under your shower floor, creating an unmatched feeling of luxury!

The expansive showroom at Barton Bath + Floor showcases brands like Kalia, Muraluxe, and Warmup, that will utterly transform your shower experience. What was once a mundane routine becomes an opulent escape, a spa day contained in a single moment in your busy day. Call or visit us today to get started!

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