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Bathroom Colour Trends for 2022

August 19, 2022

Over the years, we have noticed that specific bathroom colour trends have become popular amongst homeowners. These trends have proven to enhance the bathroom's overall aesthetic and play a significant role in increasing your mood while enjoying your little oasis.

As bathroom experts, we've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't when it comes to bathroom design, colour, and fixtures. So if you have any questions, we're here to provide recommendations and style options that will fit your budget!

Calming Green Bathroom Colours

Calming Greens

Green is currently a top trend throughout the home, but it works incredibly well in bathrooms, delivering a soothing, refreshing ambience. You can add green accents to your bathroom to bring in the colour without overwhelming the space and create a tranquil retreat. Green paint gives off a natural vibe and creates peace of mind. If this isn't your style, consider adding plants and greenery to your bathroom to help bring the outside indoors. Glass walls are becoming more popular for adding sun, moon, and sky elements. Opening up your space will fill your bathroom with so much natural light.

Decorate Your Bathroom in Warm Tones

Warm Tones

The world of home décor is constantly evolving, and the latest trends in colour are no exception. Cozier, earthier tones such as beige, cream, taupe, and terra-cotta are replacing the traditional black, white, and grey shades that have long been the norm. These new hues offer a warm, cozy feel perfect for bathroom spaces, offering a more earthy look than traditional black and white. The bathroom is the place to have a calm, warming effect brought to life.

Soft Blue Shades for Bathrooms

Soft Blues

Blue has been a favourite bathroom colour for a long time, and its appeal has only increased as people seek a welcoming and soothing space in the home. This ocean shade will lighten the room and create a fresh feel. An easy tip for this bathroom colour trend is to continue the light sky colour onto the ceiling. Pale blue could even increase the value of your home!

Black and White Bathroom Style

Bold Black and White

The tuxedo-inspired combination of jet black and bright white has been a huge trend lately. This high-contrast look creates a sleek and clean aesthetic, appealing to homeowners. The bright and dark décor is trendy for all seasons.

Jewel Tones for Bathroom Decor

Luxurious Jewel Tones

Looking for a bold and unique way to upgrade your bathroom? Try going all out with jewel tones! While you likely wouldn’t attempt this trend in any other space, a small bathroom is the ideal place to experiment. This will also give your powder room a vintage feel and it will be sure to wow your guests! Consider using saturated shades of blue, green, purple, and even yellow for the walls, vanity, or ceiling.

If you're looking to freshen up your bathroom with one of these trendy colour schemes, visit the Barton Bath + Floor showroom for inspiration. We're always here to guide you with any questions to ensure that the sink you choose is the right sink for your lifestyle.

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