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Budget Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

September 30, 2020

Looking for budget friendly modern bathroom upgrades that don’t require construction experience? We’ve got you covered!

DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture:

Create a light fixture using old mason jars to give your bathroom personality and a rustic feel!

By using clear jars and LED bulbs, you brighten and transform your space.

Refresh the Accents:

New towels, a bold shower curtain and a chic rug are perfect ways to give your bathroom a new look and feel without needing to lift a hammer!

Delightful Details:

Don’t underestimate the power of details! Instead of keeping your cotton balls and Q-Tips in their boring boxes under the sink, display them in glass jars or a woven basket.

Cool Off With A New Shower Head:

Installing a new shower head can create a spa like experience without breaking the bank. Customize based on your preference and come one step closer to building your bathroom oasis!


Re-caulking your bathtub or floor tile is easy, affordable and prevents water damage. Better yet, a fresh bead of caulk can make your space look brand new again.

Bathroom Vanity:

The different vanity styles common in today's bathrooms can be reproduced by many unique vanity projects. As the bathroom’s centerpiece a vanity offers much storage potential while also holding the sink.

Modern Bathroom Makeovers

Modernizing your bathroom on a budget is not as difficult as your think. There are many DIY projects ranging from simple upgrades to repurposing larger units for vanities to inventively update a space. When bringing all components together it is the style and finish that help bring it together. 

Check out our Barton Bath + Floor inspiration section for more great ideas or drop by the showroom  for more personalized style advice.

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