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Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

November 1, 2021

From selecting the right paint to the proper decor, when updating your home there are always decisions to be made! And choosing the right kitchen cabinet hardware shouldn’t be the last item on the list. The right kitchen cabinet handles can make huge visual impacts and can elevate and liven up your space in an effortless way.

If you’re struggling with style and colour, or even unsure if the knob or pull hardware is for you, then let this post guide you on your decision-making process.

Types of kitchen cabinet hardware

Types of Hardware

When it comes to your kitchen cupboards and the type of hardware you choose, it’s good to know that there aren’t any strict rules to follow. Pulls or knobs or even both can be used throughout your kitchen. It doesn’t have to be just one or the other. Across Canada is it normal to see pulls on all drawers and knobs for all doors.

Knobs are smaller than the pull handles and tend to be less expensive and easier to install with a simple screw. While pull handles are much larger and make more of a statement, they also come in an array of sizes. Pull handles also complement larger cabinets very well.

Pulls are much more comfortable when pulling open a drawer. It allows for your whole hand to grab a hold of the handle. Pull handles on drawers are usually more helpful as drawers tend to be heavier, filled with pots, pans, silverware, and other miscellaneous things. While knobs are usually good for doors as you only use a light touch with a few fingers

Selecting what's best for you in kitchen cabinets

What’s Best for you

Once you have decided on the hardware type, look around your kitchen. It’s best to see the type of style your kitchen has, as this will come in handy when choosing the different shapes of knobs and pulls. Does your kitchen have any hard squares or curvy lines, and what type of hardware will look best with your cabinets?

When working with a modern kitchen it’s best to stay with smooth, clean lines that will make your kitchen cabinets appear sleek. Curvy or textured details on your hardware will work well with older and more traditional-inspired kitchens.

Stainless steel, brass, and chrome kitchen cabinet hardware

Stainless Steel, Brass, and Chrome

Brass and Chrome Kitchen cabinet hardware is very trendy right now, it has been in and out of style since 1980 and can be beautiful in small amounts. It’s one of the reasons why having brass or chrome accent colours do so well in homes, they make your space look classy and timeless. Brass and Chromes are very modernized now, but you can still find the metal hardware bouncing around in older homes. Not to mention, brass and chrome add a bit of flair and drama to your kitchen.

Stainless steel hardware matches just about any space and is corrosion resistant. Although stainless steel is very durable and will most likely last you a lifetime, polished stainless steel can show fingerprints. Lightly sanded stainless steel hardware is more popular in the modern home.

Lacquered or unlacquered kitchen cabinet finishes

Unlacquered or Lacquered Finishes

With any kitchen hardware, you have options as well depending on the type of finish on the knobs and the pulls. There are so many different types of finishes such as polished lacquer, unlacquered, antiqued and sanded all to fit your lifestyle, and vision.

Polished hardware that is sealed with a lacquer coating will not age or tarnish and will give the appearance of a brand-new kitchen look even if it’s been a few years since your last reno. White lightly sanded hardware will not show fingerprints. Choosing the right finish can make your hardware stand out within your kitchen!

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