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Common Bathroom Design Flaws and How to Fix Them

February 2, 2022

A bathroom is where you get ready to face the world and relax after a hard day. Therefore, your bathroom should comfort and offer you convenience. Impractical features and dysfunctional spacing can be frustrating. However, these are flaws you don't have to live with forever.

Below is a list of common bathroom design flaws for you to avoid. If you find your bathroom has a few on the list, we will walk you through how to fix them!

Mismatched bathroom features - how to coordinate

Mismatched Bathroom Features

Your bathroom features should coordinate to create a cohesive look. Mismatched features can be a design flaw, not to mention an eyesore. Incompatible features can make your bathroom look thrown together and rushed. Whether it was the builder, the renovator, or even your granddad who put these features in your bathroom, these errors can be easily rectified.

Decide on the look you want for the bathroom hardware (flat black, silver, brushed gold, nickel or bronze). Vanities, faucets, and even lighting fixtures, all once coordinated, will give the bathroom a balanced flow that you can be proud of.

Replace hardwood flooring with more practical tile or laminate

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is often desired and a key seller to those looking to upgrade their homes. But besides it being a favourite for its warm and inviting look, hardwood and bathrooms do not mix well. Over time, moisture from the bath and shower will warp the hardwood, resulting in a costly repair to replace and an uninviting floor. Instead, use tile or laminate style flooring. Keep the classy hardwood for the other main living spaces.

Décor Pieces

Often, the bathroom is not visualised as a place where it should be decorated. However, the bathroom is part of the home and should have a matching theme to your home or a theme all on its own. You can make it more inviting, warmer, and complete by adding décor to the bathroom.

A bathroom with no décor looks cold and is not pleasant. By adding a vase of flowers (real or fake), photos on the wall, or candles, you can create the theme for your bathroom. Some of the most popular bathroom themes are modern, tropical, or rustic. This straightforward design remedy can make all the difference in your bathroom.

Exposed plumbing

Exposed Plumbing

Speaking of bathroom themes, unless you are going with a rustic industrial décor look to your bathroom, exposed plumbing doesn't look nice. Exposed plumbing is a huge eyesore and can also be hazardous to some. In addition, exposed pipes can get very hot if running hot water, sticking out at awkward angles, and all-around can cause harm to you or someone in your family.

Depending on how much of the industrial elements are exposed in the bath area, this can be a bit pricey to fix but could be worth it if you plan on selling your home.

Full colour fixtures

Full Colour

This one is self-explanatory. Although this was a huge design trend back in the day, the coloured sink, toilet, and tub design have faded.

There are other ways to go about adding colour to your bathroom without interjecting it into your main bathroom features. Colour bathroom features can date your space, and if you plan on selling your home soon, it is one of the key features that can scare away a potential home buyer. Classic white features for the sink, tubs, and toilets are recommended.

Following Trends

What may seem like a good idea at the time, trendy and easy-to-install features can potentially be a mistake later on. So instead, integrate timeless features that you know will be classics for years to come.

Trends are personal and unique, and not everyone is into the same styles that you may like, so avoid having to change things down the road. Think to yourself, "Is this functional? Will it be a good investment? Will this current trend date and age the home if I decide to sell?" Instead, install classic bathroom features and do without the anomalies you are tempted to get just because they're in style.

Bad Lighting

Bathroom lighting is usually a detail you don't think of until you put on makeup or wash your face and notice. However, lighting fundamentals are vital to having complete comfort in your bathroom. For example, fixtures placed above the bathroom mirror will most likely cast shadows over your face. Recessed lighting from above the sink can also cause these unwanted shadows.

For some, sheer blinds on a window can help brighten up a bathroom during the day, and LED light bulbs will help improve the overall light source quality. But what if you do not have a window or any natural light in your bathroom? It is advisable to strengthen the light in the bathroom by adding more lights. Strategically placing ceiling or wall-mounted light fixtures can improve general lighting in your bathroom.

When it comes to your bathroom, planning the design and layout is necessary. The good news is a lot of these shared bathroom design mistakes are easily fixable for you to bring comfort and convenience to your home. Visit our showroom today and see how one of our experts can help fix up your bathroom design!

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