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Why Barton Bath + Floor?

Changing up your home’s flooring can drastically enhance the style of your home and increase home value. The floor has a significant impact on the aesthetic of the room, it plays a huge part in how your room looks and feels. A change in floors can make your room looking larger and cooler or smaller and warmer. Our exceptional flooring delivers quality for excellent value. Our team of friendly, experienced professionals will help you choose the right flooring option for your home and lifestyle.

Updating Your Living Space With New Floors

Updating the flooring in a room can greatly improve the look of your space. From tile to hardwood, we have the right floor to make your renovation dreams a reality. We understand the difficulties in choosing the right flooring for your home, that’s why we make sure every design you have in mind is thought out completely, which is why we ask about your lifestyle, pets, allergies, room traffic, and more to ensure you choose the right flooring for you. When you bring your home renovation or redecoration projects to Barton Bath + Floor, you won’t need to go anywhere else – we offer tile and flooring in-house.

What Flooring Type Is Best For You?

We understand you want to keep your home up to date with all the latest styles and trends. At Barton Bath + Floor we offer a variety of flooring options from vinyl to hardwood and everything in between to make sure your living space is both enjoyable and practical. With so many flooring options in an assortment of colours and styles, you can achieve any kind of look, regardless of your budget. Come in and find your inspiration for the perfect flooring makeover.

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