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Flooring can speak volumes in your home; updating the flooring in a room might just make your space sing. From tile to hardwood, we have the right floor to make your room renovation dreams a reality. Visit our showroom to find the right flooring for your style and budget. At Barton, Bath + Floor, we carry all the best brands, for less.

When you bring your home renovation or redecoration projects to Barton Bath + Floor, you won’t need to go anywhere else – we offer tile and flooring in-house, so you can pick out your kitchen backsplash or your bathroom tile at the same time as you choose your sink or bathtub.

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Vinyl & Laminate
Floor + Wall Tiles
  • Anatolia Element Mineral Blend Glass
  • Anatolia Tile Bianco Venatino Marble Collection
  • Anatolia Tile Silver Aspen Glass Quartz Blend
  • Anatolia Tile Woodland Park Glass Stone Stainless
  • Anatolia Tile 4x16 Taupe Glossy
  • Anatolia Tile Beachwalk 6 x 24 Ledgerstone
  • Anatolia Tile Pasha Stainless Steel Penny Rounds
  • Centura Tile Alea Geom Silver Textured
  • Centura Tile Equipe Fan Light Grey & White Glossy
  • Centura Tile Florida 12x22 Impero Todi
  • Centura Tile Florida Tile 3x6 Retroclassique Pewter
  • Centura Tile Rondine 2x10 Tribect Sand Brick
  • Ciot Epoque Series Fango
  • Ciot Metallismo Shiny Stainless Mosaic
  • DalTile City Lights Barcelona
  • DalTile Granite Radiance Ubatuba Blend
  • DZN Glass & Aluminum
  • DZN Glass, Stainless Steel & Marble
  • DZN Grey Glass & Bone Gray Marble
  • DZN Multi Effect Stainless Steel
  • DZN Polish Crema Marfil, Emperador LT & DK
  • Midgley West New York Series Broadway Brick 4x8
  • Olympia Tile 10x24 Allwood Grey
  • Olympia Tile London Brick Rust
  • Anatolia Classic HD Carrara Collection
  • Anatolia Tile Bizantino 18x18 Ivory
  • Anatolia Tile Picasso Travertine Collection
  • Anatolia Tile Precept HD 12x24 Mica
  • Anatolia Tile Vintagewood HD 6x36 Cinnamon
  • Anatolia Tile White with Black Hex Mosaic
  • Centura Tile Coem Bricklane Bruno Matte
  • Centura Tile Euro Soft Nordic 6x24 Cappucino
  • Centura Tile Florida Earthstone Seal
  • Centura Tile Gacela Impala Grey
  • Centura Tile Jewels Mirage 24x24 Allure Grey
  • Ciot D_ESIGN Series Anthracite
  • Ciot Origami Series Nero Mix
  • Daltile Season Wood Orchard Grey
  • DZN Tumbled Escarpment
  • Midgley West Concrete 12x24 Grey
  • Olympia Tile 6.5x40 Kendo Moka
  • Olympia Tile 18x18 Essence Bronze
  • Olympia Tile Cube Anthracite
  • Olympia Tile Heritage 12x24 Noce
  • Olympia Tile Trento Bianco 12x24
  • Sarana Tile Elegante Greige 12x24
  • Sarana Tile Over Walnut 8x40
  • Sarana Tile Spirit Musk 8x24
  • Sarana Tile Stonewood 24x24 Polished Quercus
  • Tarkett FiberFloor Easy Living Chicago Denim
  • Tarkett Fiberfloor Easy Living Dark Grove
  • Tarkett FiberFloor Easy Living Salt & Pepper
  • Tarkett FiberFloor Fresh Start Grey
  • Tarkett FiberFloor Lifetime Alamo Stone TaupeBeige
  • Tarkett FiberFloor Magnitude Orleans Parchment
  • Tarkett Laminate Cross Country Plum Tree Maple
  • Tarkett Laminate CrossCountry Tigerwood Exotic
  • Tarkett Laminate Fresh Air Brindle
  • Tarkett Laminate Solutions Bayfield Walnut
  • Tarkett Laminate Solutions Oak Mountain
  • Tarkett Laminate Solutions Trends Oak Dust
  • Tarkett Laminate Vintage Antique
  • Tarkett Laminate Woodstock Forest Oak Gold
  • Tarkett Laminate Woodstock Forest Oak Praline
  • Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Permastone Chaparel
  • Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Permastone Tumbled Marble Ivory
  • Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Specifi Rock Maple Chestnut
  • Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Transcend Brushed Oak Lion
  • Twelve Oaks Laminate American Handcrafted Vintage Oak Graphite
  • Twelve Oaks Laminate Coastal Burnt Ember
  • Twelve Oaks Laminate Coastal White Whale
  • Twelve Oaks Laminate Heirloom Earl Grey
  • Twelve Oaks Laminate Timeless Pumpkin Ash
  • Ultra Ceramic 18x18 Natural Sandstone Light Grey
  • Anatolia Ceraforge 32 x 32 Chromium
  • Anatolia Crossweave 24 x 24 Flax
  • Anatolia Kaya 18 x 18 Mica
  • Anatolia Linea 18 x 36 Clay
  • Anatolia Mayfair 24 x 48 Volakas Grigio
  • Anatolia Muskoka Smoke
  • Centura Caprice Deco Metropolitan
  • Centura Hexatile Cement White 7 x 8
  • Centura Open Luce Matte 16 x 32
  • Centura Urban Wood Vanilla 6 x 36
  • Centura Verve Design Carta Da Zuchero Structura 10 x 24
  • Ceratec Audax Nero 6 x 35
  • Ceratec Kafka Grey 10 x 20
  • Daltile Cotto Contempo Pennsylvania Avenue 20 x 20
  • Daltile Fabric Art Dark Gray 12 x 24
  • Midgley West Komi Beige Chevron
  • Midgley West Circa 37 series
  • Midgley West Keramos 14 x 16 Lindos
  • MSI Capella Silt 24 x 24
    MSI Capella Silt 24 x 24
  • MSI Castle Beige (4 sizes per kit)
    MSI Castle Beige
  • MSI Dellano Exotic Blue 8 x 48
    MSI Dellano Exotic Blue 8 x 48
  • MSI Dove Subway Tile 4 x 12
    MSI Dove Subway Tile 4 x 12
  • MSI Kenzzi La Fleur 8 x 8
    MSI Kenzzi La Fleur 8 x 8
  • Olympia Castle grey 12 x 24
    Olympia Castle Grey 12 x 24
  • Olympia Grand Tour Straw Opale 17 x 47
    Olympia Grand Tour Straw Opale 17 x 47
  • Olympia Handmade Seward 13 x 13
    Olympia Handmade Seward 13 x 13
  • Olympia Milieu Mist 18 x 36
    Olympia Milieu Mist 18 x 36
  • Sarana Onyx 24 x 48 Shadown
    Sarana Onyx 24 x 48 Shadown
  • Anatolia Albastro Stained Glass Mosaic
  • Anatolia Bronze Clipped Diamond Mosaic
  • Anatolia Element Cloud Petal Mosaic
  • Anatolia Element Skylight penny Round Mosaic
  • Anatolia Eramosa Carbon Random Mosaic
  • Anatolia Obsidian Mirror Hexagon Antique Silver
  • Anatollia Satin Nickel Beveled Brick Mosaic
  • Centura Block Mix Mineral Glass Mosaic
  • Centura Harmony Black Mosaic
  • Centura Lantern Mosaic Midnight Blue
  • Centura Marvel Gems Half Hex Mosaic
  • Ceratec Pixel Cream 4 x 12
  • Ceratec POP V 5 x 13
  • DZN Dolomite Herringbone Mosaic
  • DZN Honed 2 Inch Carrara, Crystal, Antique mosaic
  • DZN Outlined Herringbone Cinderella
  • DZN Strips and Squares with Calcatta and Cinderella Marble
  • Faber Harmony 3 x 12 Satin Deco
  • MSI Anya Blanco 2 x 2 Mosaic
  • MSI Blocki Blanco Interlocking Mosaic
  • MSI Carribean Jade Mosaic
  • MSI Havenwood Dove Chevron Mosaic
  • MSI Silva Oak 2 Inch Hexagon
  • MSI Tetris Florita Nero 6 x 6
  • Olympia Diamond Brushed Aluminum Cubed Silver
  • Olympia Jewel White Mosaic
  • Olympia Linen Dark Grey Glass Mosaic
  • Olympia Tile Unique Ortigia
  • Sarana Art London Bone

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