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Vinyl / Laminate Flooring

Vinyl and laminate flooring has come a long way in recent years, making today’s options far superior in terms of style from what used to be available. Vinyl that is made to look like wood flooring can be an ideal option for high moisture rooms like bathrooms where you want the look of wood but don’t want it to be damaged.

To discover what flooring options will best suit your home, style and budget, visit our showroom today!

Vinyl/Laminate Brands we Carry:

Twelve Oaks
Ultra Ceramic

  • Tarkett FiberFloor Easy Living Chicago Denim
  • Tarkett Fiberfloor Easy Living Dark Grove
  • Tarkett FiberFloor Easy Living Salt & Pepper
  • Tarkett FiberFloor Fresh Start Grey
  • Tarkett FiberFloor Lifetime Alamo Stone TaupeBeige
  • Tarkett FiberFloor Magnitude Orleans Parchment
  • Tarkett Laminate Cross Country Plum Tree Maple
  • Tarkett Laminate CrossCountry Tigerwood Exotic
  • Tarkett Laminate Fresh Air Brindle
  • Tarkett Laminate Solutions Bayfield Walnut
  • Tarkett Laminate Solutions Oak Mountain
  • Tarkett Laminate Solutions Trends Oak Dust
  • Tarkett Laminate Vintage Antique
  • Tarkett Laminate Woodstock Forest Oak Gold
  • Tarkett Laminate Woodstock Forest Oak Praline
  • Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Permastone Chaparel
  • Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Permastone Tumbled Marble Ivory
  • Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Specifi Rock Maple Chestnut
  • Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Transcend Brushed Oak Lion
  • Twelve Oaks Laminate American Handcrafted Vintage Oak Graphite
  • Twelve Oaks Laminate Coastal Burnt Ember
  • Twelve Oaks Laminate Coastal White Whale
  • Twelve Oaks Laminate Heirloom Earl Grey
  • Twelve Oaks Laminate Timeless Pumpkin Ash
  • Ultra Ceramic 18x18 Natural Sandstone Light Grey

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