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Holiday Bathroom Décor Ideas

December 1, 2021

Your bathroom might not be the first place you think of when you think of decorating for the holiday season. But we have some fantastic winter styles that will make your bathroom warm and welcoming for you and potential guests during the holiday season.

This holiday season, transform your bathroom with cute and clever steps while working with what you got. Add holiday accents like plaid hand towels and other seasonal accents. By keeping your decor minimal with festive decoration, the scenery becomes subtle and elegant and visually eye-catching. Not to mention it makes for an easy clean up once the season is over!

Garland Around Mirror

Add some festive greenery to your bathroom mirrors this year. You can even incorporate details such as bells, lights, ribbons, holly and more!

Showcase a Vanity Vase

Don’t want to go all out with seasonal decoration but still want to do something? You can never go wrong with a simple vase. Pine branches, white bark or pinecones work great! Add a pop of colour with bulb ornaments and some ribbon, and you’re set!

Bring out the Festive Bath and Hand Towels

Nothing says holiday greetings like a pair of festive bath towels. No matter what you celebrate this time of year, selective holiday bath towels can add that magical charm to your bathroom.

Hang a Holiday Wreath

If photos in picture frames aren’t for you, think outside the box and try hanging a holiday wreath in your washroom. Places include the back of the door, on the mirror, or on the wall. This untraditional spot for a wreath might leave your guest speechless and will quickly become a showstopper for your bathroom décor.

Display Candles on the Vanity

Nothing says the holidays like the smells of the holidays. Scented candles are a must have for your bathroom this season. Vanilla, cranberry and so many more can decorate your bathroom vanity. Not only do candles look great! They also smell great!

Add a Miniature Christmas Tree

If you’re celebrating Christmas this year, bring out the miniature tree! Your Christmas tree doesn’t just need to be in your living room. We recommend placing it near your bathtub!

From the festive bath towels to the cheerful rug and a scented candle with garland accents, there are so many joyful aspects you can easily add to create a holiday bathroom!

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