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Barton Bath + Floor is excited to announce the addition of MuraLuxe!

MuraLuxe Inc. offers decorative wall coverings for your living spaces, showers and kitchen backsplash.

Decorative wall tiles are a stylish and modern way to improve the appearance of your home. You can be use them to finish any surface, from bare walls to floors and even ceilings, giving your space a unique look and feel. In addition, decorative wall tiles are a cost-effective way to customize your space, accenting the areas you want to draw the most attention to. Decorative wall tiles come in an infinite range of shapes, sizes, and styles, making them an easy way to add character to any space. They're ideal for adding function and interest to your home without requiring much maintenance or upkeep. 


Standard panel sizes suitable for any shower base. Choose from timeless designs for fast & easy installation.


Customizable designs for any wall, kitchen backsplash or shower base! These panel sizes are completely based on your project. Choose any image you desire and create a masterpiece. You can even upload a personal photo! Time to get creative with your spaces.

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