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Leading Tile Trends for 2022

May 3, 2022

Tile flooring is a timeless choice that continues to flutter in and out of style. Popular trends such as the black and white checkerboard tile cluttered most 1950s kitchens. This renaissance pattern took over in the 14th century and became widely popular; eventually, this tile trend left the kitchen and became popular in ballrooms and large living spaces. Ultimately, this pattern subsided, but tiles did not. As a result, we have seen spectacular 2022 tile trends that reveal new designs, colours, shapes, and sizes that showcase fresh styles.

Tile trends for 2022

Backsplashes, Accent Walls, and More

Tiles are low maintenance, durable, and hypoallergenic; this can be a real bonus if you suffer from allergies. Understandably homeowners can't seem to get enough of the benefits of having all tile floors. And this year, we have seen more areas getting complete tile makeovers. These shared spaces will take tile renovations to a whole new level, from bathrooms to kitchens. Tiles have many unique advantages, one being that it doesn't need just to be placed on the floor any longer. Tiled backsplashes for your kitchen or bathroom or tile accent walls in the living room have been a hot trend this year. Tile accents add a clever and creative touch to your home and are unique depending on the tile you use, its position, and your style.

Bold colour tile trends for 2022

Bold and Beautiful

If the colour has always been something you have been indecisive over, do not fear. Tile trends this year are colourful and bold, and there is no wrong tile colour choice. Coloured tile is desired in most modern-day homes.

The typical white tile hasn't been completely washed out yet, as an all-white tile floor can still draw lots of positive attention. The most common colours of tiles that we are seeing are rust, grey, blue (indigo), and boom yellow. However, if neutral/white tile is more up your alley, there are endless ways to update it that coincide with today's trends. Are you looking to add a new statement piece to your home that feels true to your style? Try to add a statement colour on one wall. Or add a cluster of coloured floor tiles to be the perfect combination with neutral tiles with a spark of colour. These bold choices of tiles can be used as an accent colour or just by themselves. So no matter what tile colour you choose, know that it is in style and will look great!

Tile shape trends for 2022

Tile Shape

The shape of tiles has transformed over the years, and each has its advantages. While knowing which form of tile will best fit your space, sometimes exploring the options of the various materials like ceramic, stone, glass, and marble may lead you in the right direction as far as the shape.

We have seen a decrease in subway tiles and pinwheel tiles. Although they are simple, versatile, and have elegant balance, the direction for 2022 is sheet tiles. Popular sizes, including 12×12, 18×18, 12×24, and 8×10, are in most homes. Larger tiles deliver a clean appearance. In addition, the polished, glazed finish can diminish the appearance of dirt and stain over time. Nevertheless, larger floor tiles reflect light in small spaces and give the impression of a better lit and more open space.

Tiles have changed so much through the years, but one thing remains consistent. Tiles are easy to clean, look great for long periods in high traffic locations and show style with minimal effort. We can only hope to see more tile trends throughout the year. So if you want to redo your living space this year with tiles, check out our revolutionary selection at Barton Bath + Floor.

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