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6 Tips to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring

October 1, 2021

Wood floors bring timeless, warm, natural beauty to your home. Here are 6 tips to make sure they always look their best by preventing damage that can occur over time.

Place area rugs on your hardwood floors

Put Down Rugs

Limiting high traffic wear and tear is very important with your hardwood flooring. Area rugs can help tremendously in protecting against potential scratches, spills, and everyday use. They also act as a barrier between your flooring and heavy furniture. When furniture is moved, it can cause deep scratches in the wood. You could use furniture pads to avoid this as well.

Remove your shoes when walking on your hardwood floors

Take Off Your Shoes

Try to always remove shoes when entering your house and remind guests upon entry. Entrance rugs can be very handy and provides guests a place to wipe their shoes as well. Taking off shoes avoids water damage and tracking in particles like little rocks that could cause abrasions. This tip is essential in the sloppy winter months especially.

Trim your pets' nails to keep your hardwood floors looking nice

Trim Your Pets' Nails

Maintaining a short nail length on your furry family members will keep your hardwood looking new for longer. Trimming their nails frequently keeps them from scratching the surface. We recommend placing your area rugs in high traffic areas where your pets get most excited and likely do the most damage.

Clean spills from your hardwood floors

Wipe Up Spills

Always make sure to clean any spills right away and ensure the area is completely dry afterwards. Leaving liquid on hardwood for long amounts of time can cause extreme damage including discoloration and warping of the wood.

Clean your hardwood floors regularly

Keep a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining clean wood floors is the most effective way to extend their lifeline. We recommend sweeping each day to get all the dirt, dust, food etc. picked up from daily activities. You could use a dust mop for a quick and easy sweep! Investing in a good quality mop and vacuum will add to the longevity of your hardwood. High traffic areas should be mopped about once a week. This also goes for the products that go along with the mop and water. Typically, these higher quality products will work easier with less wear and tear to the floors.

Prevent Sun Damage to your Hardwood Floors

Prevent Sun Damage

Sunshine can cause discoloration over time by lightening the shade of your hardwood. There are a few ways to prevent this including installing window treatments, applying films to the windows or a wood floor finish to help block the UV rays.

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