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Selecting the right hardware for your cabinets

October 17, 2023

When you’re planning your dream reno, be it a next-level kitchen for your culinary creations, or an opulent bathroom oasis, you’re likely strategizing down to the finest detail. Be sure to include your hardware in these plans! The right knobs, pulls, and handles can be the missing piece of a perfectly realized vision, or can help transform a decent renovation into an unforgettable masterpiece.

Common types of hardware

Visually, kitchen and bathroom hardware pieces serve as accents to the overall look of the room. Functionally, however, they’re integral to how you’ll go about your daily business. How else are you going to open your drawers and cupboards? To make sure you have the hardware you need for your dream reno, start with the following:

Knobs are the most simple, unobtrusive type of hardware, commonly used for cabinet doors. They should be easy to grip and stay out of your way.

Pulls are primarily used for drawers. You should be able to grab the pull with your hand and open and close the drawer without any trouble.

How to choose the right hardware

The hardware options for your cabinetry are virtually endless! How do you find the ones best suited for your renovation? We’ve got some suggestions to help narrow it down.

Complete the look
If your design plan is more classic or traditional, go with more ornate hardware, with stylistic flourishes and a polished metal look, like silver or brass. If you’ve got a more modern, contemporary aesthetic in mind, choose hardware with simple, clean lines, and a solid, matte finish. If you’re planning a rustic, country home vibe, a brushed metal like copper would fit in nicely.

Stay consistent or mix it up
There are some general rules to follow when selecting hardware. For example, knobs will generally go on cupboards and pulls go on drawers. And when selecting a finish, the hardware should match other metal elements like fixtures and accessories. But rules are made to be broken, right? If your new bathroom or kitchen vision is something extra-modern or eclectic, a little mixing and matching can elevate your design. And “matching” doesn’t necessarily mean “identical”; a solid, flat finish can coordinate nicely with polished fixtures. 

Do consider practicality
Form really does need to follow function, no matter what. If you choose hardware that looks cool but makes life more difficult - like a knob that’s hard to grip or a pull that keeps snagging your clothing - you’ll end up wasting time and money when you decide they need to be replaced. If you have millwork that ranges in size, most hardware manufacturers will have you covered with a range of sizes. No sense in getting a narrow little pull for a huge cupboard door!

Barton Bath + Floor has you covered

Hopefully you’ve been able to narrow down your hardware options to the few specific styles ideally suited for your new bathroom or kitchen. Your next step is to head over to the Barton Bath + Floor showroom in Hamilton where our expert staff will help you make the final selection. We’ve got a staggering variety of hardware options on display for your reno, from top manufacturers like Richelieu, Top Knobs, Atlas Homewares, and Marathon. Be as understated or ostentatious as you please; finish your cohesively traditional look, or shoot to be a creative trendsetter. Barton Bath + Floor will have the hardware you’re looking for, and our knowledgeable and friendly associates will help you find it. Once you’re ready to put the finishing touches on your dream bathroom or kitchen, we’ll be ready for you!

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