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Sustainable Flooring Options for Your Home and the Earth

April 12, 2024

Making environmentally conscious decisions during your reno, while also staying true to your design vision, sounds like an impossible task. But it’s easier than you think! You have a range of materials available that are aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and on-trend, while still being eco-friendly.


As a flooring material, bamboo is a great choice both visually and environmentally. Bamboo forests replenish remarkably quickly - a bamboo tree only takes three to five years to fully mature, while hardwood trees can take decades. It has many of the same qualities as hardwood, though: it’s remarkably durable, and can be stained to match your design vision. The one caveat about bamboo is the ecological cost of harvesting and transporting it, since it only grows in select subtropical locations.


Much like bamboo, cork as a resource replenishes itself rapidly. The material comes from the bark of cork oak trees, so the trees themselves stay standing while the bark regrows over the course of about three years. Additionally, cork holds up very well to recycling procedures, meaning your cork flooring could come from old wine bottle tops! Cork even has health benefits, being great at repelling mold and allergens in your home.

Reclaimed Wood

Imagine if your floor could tell a story. Reclaimed wood may have origins in an old barn, shipping container, wine cask, or another wood structure. It offers more character than just about any other flooring material available. Reclaimed wood is generally harder and thus more durable than newer wood, and offers a responsible alternative where deforestation is a growing concern. This look is best suited to a rustic or eclectic design, though; if you have a more contemporary design in mind, check out other eco-friendly materials on this list.


Don’t want to make your home look like a warehouse, you say? Not to worry! The ability to add personal touches with dyes and etching has helped boost the popularity of concrete flooring for the home. It’s exceptionally resistant to wear, doesn’t consume natural resources, and inhibits mold, mildew, and odours. It’s also a prime candidate to add in-floor radiant heating, allowing you to heat your home more in a more cost-effective manner.


Upgrade your eco-friendly reno with a modern take on this centuries-old practice. Terrazzo consists of discarded granite and marble chips mixed with a binder (traditionally concrete, but more contemporary creations involve epoxy resin) to form a one-of-a-kind mosaic pattern. While the creation and installation of terrazzo can be expensive, it’s incredibly durable and virtually maintenance-free, giving your home a stunning floor for many decades. Terrazzo is also a perfect example of diverting waste materials from landfills into something beautiful. 

If you’ve made it a goal to make your next reno as eco-conscious as possible, let the knowledgeable team at Barton Bath + Floor help you achieve it. Between the selection of sustainable flooring products in our showroom, and expert advice on managing budgets and installations, you can do some great things for your home and the planet at the same time!

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