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Transform your small bathroom to appear larger

September 1, 2021

Make the most out of your space with remodeling tricks that will make the bathroom your favourite room in the house.

Consider light colours for your small bathroom

Keep it Light

From wall colour to the furniture it's best to keep it light and stay away from dark colours. Dark colours in a small space often appear cave-like and can confine your space even more. Light hues such as soft greys, frost blues, taupe, bright white, and light green are all very popular small bathroom colours. Furnishings should also be within the same hue family. By sticking with light hues from the same family you avoid overly strong colour contrasts that leave your small bathroom appearing even smaller than it is. 

Walk-in Showers

Add in a Walk-in Shower 

Adding in a walk-in shower opens your space. By adding a walk-in shower with a glass shower door, you have a perfect upgrade to any small bathroom. This allows for light to flow throughout the whole bathroom and adds an extension to the rest of the bathroom. Traditional soak baths, on the other hand, cut off the light flow in your bathroom by adding a curtain/half wall and a tub.  

Storage and Cleaning

Limited counter space and storage space are an ongoing problem in any small bathroom. Tidying up and putting things away, and keeping only the essentials in your bathroom sink cabinet, will turn your home bathroom into a showroom. When selecting the appropriate sink cabinet with enough storage, it is always important that you find one that best suits your needs and what you plan to store in it. Using storage organization in unique ways will also help improve the overall look of your space. For instance, saying goodbye to towel rails and implementing towel hooks! This look opens wall space and extends the height of the bathroom. 


There is an old saying that if you must put a mirror on a wall, select the largest that will fit. Mirrors are great for bouncing the light around your bathroom, and the bigger the mirror the better the illusion that the room is bigger! You may not realize it but when a mirror is placed in a small room, it draws your eyes upward and reflects off surfaces across from it making the room feel more spacious. Large mirrors are a must need for any small bathroom!

Add Some Colour

While the walls and the furnishings are light, this doesn’t mean your bathroom has to be dull and that you have to settle for the absence of colour and character. Adding a pop of colour into your bathroom will give it that spice it needs. Bright yellow towels and accessories will add to your bathroom without exhausting it. Colour strategy is personal and fun! Not to mention it is easy to switch out down the road if you ever grow tired of it. 

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