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Upgrade your Flooring for the New Year

January 3, 2022

Flooring has changed so much over the years with new tastes and technology. It allows for a variety of designs. In 2022 we will see exciting recent trends in tile, vinyl, and wood!

Highlighted Wood Flooring

Highlighted Wood

This year bleached and highlighted hardwood planks are going to dominate your living spaces. This flooring refines the forest's natural colour palette and brings out tonality and depth of character. This flooring showcases the natural wood grain, and you don't get lost or drawn away from its beauty and charm. This flooring is perfect for large open concept living spaces and high traffic environments in the home.

Concrete Tile Flooring

Concrete Tiles

The worn and industrial flooring style has been around for quite some time, but it has recently taken hold and increased in popularity. You will see this concrete, aged look in more homes in the new year. The concrete tile flooring is perfect for any size room or bathroom and works best for homeowners craving that beautiful rustic look. This type of styling gives a slightly worn and industrial finish but is classy and elevates the modern home, but with a twist.

Pattern Flooring

Pattern Flooring

The standard straight placing of wood planks is often seen in most homes. But nearing the end of this year, and a trend we will see going forward is pattern designs that take your flooring from practical use to decorative use!

This trend adds a unique touch to modern flooring. Whether it be hardwood, laminate, or vinyl pattern flooring adds a special touch to your spaces and can be used as a nice design piece. A brand like Ceratec has patterned flooring that is a great way to add unique and fun accents to your kitchen or dining room.

Black Tile

Black Tile

Vintage tile has always been about nostalgia and bringing back decades-old memories. In the new year, tiles are making a comeback, but not just any tiles… black tiles. These tiles add warmth and create a luxurious aurora to any room. Most homeowners with black tiles crave that unique touch that many do not have. This 2022 trend blends vintage and nostalgia with contemporary for your home's best look and feel.

Strong Grain Flooring

Strong Grain Flooring

If you are looking for or have always desired rich colour and noticeable wood grain in flooring, then look no further. 2022 is here to show you all the smoky and dark tones to enhance the natural grains of wood. The final look to this flooring is attractive, and the multi-coloured look is so sought after as it gives the appearance that a space is larger than what it is.

This wood flooring is warm and welcoming, and you will no longer want to resort to traditional hardwood to achieve the same look. This flooring trend is all about colour, look, and texture blended in one to be a showstopper for kitchens, entryways, and living rooms.

This upcoming year we can see that the traditional flooring is being sought after but with a twist. Homeowners want flooring that's unique and tells a story through its design. So, if you are thinking of buying flooring this year, think new, exciting and keep in mind these 2022 Flooring trends.

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