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2023 Bathroom Trends: What to Expect

January 26, 2023

2023 is shaping up to be a year of big changes in bathroom design. Homeowners are seeking out more modern, efficient, and sustainable designs that are both beautiful and functional. From the latest technology to stylish materials, now is the time to update your bathroom.

Check out the latest in bathroom trends across all styles below, to inspire your next bathroom upgrade or remodel.

The Rustic Bathroom Style

Thanks to their casual yet simple designs, rustic style bathrooms continue to be popular. These interiors rely heavily on wood, textured accents, and soft metal. This style celebrates imperfection and natural beauty.

Natural Wood Vanities

Rustic natural wood vanities grow in popularity as homeowners continue to embrace rustic design. These imperfect materials uncover a natural beauty in these warm and elegant tones which establish a newly modern statement to any bathroom.

Natural Wood Vanities

Trendy Barn Doors

Open a space up by installing trendy barn doors for a rustic yet functional feel.

Natural Tile and Wood Floors

Floor tiles are always a great option that stand up to wear and tear. Natural materials like stone, travertine, slate, and terracotta floor tiles all provide a rustic look that is both stylish and durable.

For a truly rustic floor, wooden flooring is also an option. Wooden flooring should be sealed properly to ensure a waterproof, easy to clean floor.

The Traditional Bathroom Style

Traditional bathrooms are always timeless. They often feature ornate tilework and furniture-style vanities that help retain the home's character. With modern touches like luxurious soaking tubs and contemporary fixtures, these bathroom styles will look great for years to come.

Single and Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

Traditional single sink bathroom vanities are ideal for smaller spaces or guest bathrooms. For larger baths, double sink bathroom vanities offer more counter and storage space, plus the bonus of having two separate sinks.

Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot soaking tubs are traditional fixtures that add a touch of luxury to traditional style bathrooms. Clawfoot tubs come in a variety of designs, from traditional roll-top tubs to more modern freestanding models. Clawfoot tubs are perfect for soaking in and provide a beautiful focal point for traditional style bathrooms. They are available in a variety of colors and materials, making it easy to find the right one for your bathroom.

Statement Tiling

With different geometric shapes, textures, colors, and sizing, statement tiling opens the interior design world to an endless number of possibilities. Adding complex tiling to bathroom floors creates a mosaic focal point and can enlighten any space.

Contemporary Bathroom Style

Contemporary bathroom styles are sleek and modern, with clean lines and geometric patterns. Expect designs rich in texture that incorporate modern technology like heated floors, digital showers, and ambient lighting.

Seamless Glass Showers

Opening a smaller space has never been easier with glass showers. These transparent screens eliminate barriers created within the room and complement well with natural light.

Activated Frosted Glass

Integrating this simple feature with modern technology such as activated frosted glass can elevate one’s bathroom entirely. This wow factor is perfect for adding a luxury feel into your home.

Heated Flooring

Heated floors are a modern technology that pairs well with traditional design to warm up your bath and provide supplemental comfort to your home.

The Small Bathroom Style

Small bathrooms can be a challenge for homeowners, as space is limited and there are many items to fit in such a small area. Fortunately, there are ways to make small bathrooms look bigger and work more efficiently.

Lighter Tones

Incorporate lighter tones for a chic look that reflects light well, while also making the room appear larger. Don't be afraid to mix in brighter shades with white tones. This will liven the space up while keeping a cohesive design.

Dimmable Lights

Pairing dimmable lights with dimmer switches to a bathroom can transform it from mundane to luxurious. Dimmers create a spa-like atmosphere in a bathroom.

Maximizing Space

When designing small bathrooms, think of small-scale furniture, more open shelving, and maximizing storage. Take advantage of small design features like wall-mounted sinks, small tubs, small showers, and even small toilets to help maximize a small bathroom space.

The Industrial Style

An industrial bathroom is all about combining practicality and functionality with stylish design. The industrial style features raw materials like exposed plumbing, electrical wiring, and metal accents. The focus is on creating a space that looks sleek and modern while still maintaining a sense of warmth.

Exposed Pipework

This bold design choice highlights both the refinement of the industrial appearance as well as the strengthening of metallic materials. Exposed pipework in bathrooms is a versatile design that makes any layout unique. Installing a heated towel rack can complement the exposed pipework aesthetic while providing comfort in a place of solitude.

Raw Material Walls

For walls, an industrial bathroom can be decorated with a variety of materials, including metal panels, wood accents, and exposed brick.

Concrete Flooring

When it comes to flooring, concrete is a popular choice for industrial bathrooms, serving as a durable and low-maintenance surface. Not to mention concrete floors are easy to clean and can be painted or stained for a one-of-a-kind look.


With 2023 here, many of us are looking forward to the evolving trends in home design and décor, particularly when it comes to bathrooms. For more tips and ideas check out our Bath Reno Plan. We provide the best brands for less with experts on staff that can help you with every decision along the way. Call us or check out our showroom today!

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