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Considerations Before Your Bathroom Remodel

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or a full renovation functionality should be at the heart of your bathroom remodel. Future proof your space with the following considerations.

Clear Space
Keep at least 30” of clear floor space between the edge of a fixture and the opposite fixture or wall*

Bath/Shower Controls
It is recommended that shower controls should be located 38”– 40” above the floor and bath controls should be located 33” above the floor. Both sets of controls should be accessible from both inside and outside of the bath or shower.

Bath/Shower Control Valves
Pressure-balancing, thermostatic mixing or combination valves are recommended.

Shower Seat
For comfort and safety, a shower seat should be 17”–19” above the shower floor and at least 15” deep.

Bath/Shower Surround
Waterproof material should cover the wall surrounding the shower at least 3” above a showerhead. If you are considering a steam shower, waterproof materials are necessary throughout. The standard bathtub is 5 feet long x 30 to 32 inches wide.

Electrical Receptacles
Switches should not be installed within wet locations unless part of the bath and shower assembly. GFCI receptacles should be located at all electrical appliance points*.

Mechanical exhaust system should be installed to remove moisture and control odours.

Grab Bars
To help with maneuvering in and out of the showers reinforce the walls at the same time of construction. Bars should support up to 300lbs, be 1” in diameter and 1” away from the wall, and placed 33”–36” above the floor. If steps are installed outside the bath a grab bar or handrail is required.

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