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Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas

August 3, 2021

Here are eight ways to save space in your kitchen and make it more efficient this summer!

Open Shelves

Open shelves

These open shelves are very trendy right now. They allow for storage and decoration, while making great use of otherwise wasted wall space! You can find them in any material, size, or colour to match your current kitchen style.

Pullout Shelves

Pull-out shelves

Easily access your pots, pans, bowls and more without the hassle or frustration! We’ve all been there. This also allows for more storage in those hard-to-reach areas at the back.

Pet Bowls

Pet bowls

Pets are such an important part of many people’s lives, so these built-in dog or cat bowls are a great up and coming kitchen feature. They can be built into an island or under cabinets to get them out of the way for good.

Spice Storage

Spice storage

This handy spice pull-out and cabinet rack design is beyond practical. Avoid pulling out all spices to find what you’re looking for!

Appliance Garage

Appliance garage

Everyone wants a clutter-free countertop! Appliance garages are a great way to keep those unsightly tools hidden until you need them.

Pullout Trash Cans

Pull-out trash cans

Hide the unattractive bins and free up your floor space with a pull-out trash bin. The side nook can hold garbage bags and ties.

Under Sink Drawer

Under-sink drawer

The deep cabinet under the sink can seem like a bottomless pit; this drawer keeps your cleaning supplies visible and organized.

Utensil Drawer

Utensil drawer

Keep your serveware and silverware conveniently in check. The vertical hanging style is becoming more common than the horizontal drawer organizers. Even store cutting boards and knives here!

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