Spruce Up Your Bathroom This Summer with Popular Flooring and Decorative Aluminum Wall Panels!

Ideally your home should reflect the warmth and vibe of the season. Summer is the perfect time to liven up your bathroom with popular flooring and decorative aluminum wall panels.

At Barton Bath + Floor, we offer various excellent flooring options and unique wall panels. Some of our most popular selections are listed and summarized below. Summer is here, so why not spruce up your home with some fantastic Barton Bath + Floor tile and decorative wall panels?

Natural Stone Tile

Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tiles are unquestionably beautiful. They give a home a warm, pleasant ambience and look good with any decor style. Moreover, natural stone tiles are eco-friendly, making them ideal for homeowners concerned about the environment. Natural stone is also sturdy and durable. It is not slippery like ceramic and other materials, making it a safe option for homeowners with kids or pets. These tiles also offer a reasonable amount of insulation, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Most importantly, stone tile is available in various hues and styles.

Porcelain Floor Tile

Porcelain Floor Tile

Porcelain floor tile looks great and will look good for years with very little maintenance. In high-traffic areas such as your bathroom, porcelain floor tile is an excellent choice and will outperform other tiles in long-term appearance and durability. Porcelain floor tile is made to look like stone, and while it might hold up just as well, it will cost less. In addition, cleaning porcelain tile is a breeze. Its surface absorbs very little moisture, so spills and humidity that might seep into another material can be easily wiped up!

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Protected by a tough external layer and resin coating, Laminate flooring is exceptionally durable. It's more scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and longer lasting than any hardwood, vinyl, or carpet, which is why it makes for great bathroom flooring. Laminate flooring is sold in a wide variety of wood, stone, and tile finishes, with different colours, surface treatments, thicknesses, and plank styles.

Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative Wall Panels

Wall paneling provides an excellent decorative finish for bathrooms, interior retail spaces, offices, restaurants, or day spas. In addition, they offer a simple but sturdy solution for wall covering on a budget. So, if you're looking for a way to breathe new life into your bathroom room, you should consider wall paneling.

Some of the following benefits of decorative wall paneling:

  • Cost-effective compared to the overall cost of installing 'real' material
    Instead of spending a lot of money on natural stone, brick slate, timber, or concrete, wall paneling offers a cheaper and more feasible option if you want to redecorate on a budget.
  • Easy to Install
    Wall panels are light and easy to install yourself, so you don't have to worry about paying a professional to do it for you.
  • Many Design Options
    No matter the space you work with, be it residential, commercial, hospitality, or anywhere in between, you will find a wall panel to suit your style.
  • Strong and Long Lasting
    Wall panels are solid and long-lasting, so you don't have to worry about how they stack up next to the real thing.

Looking for further advice or have any questions on wall panels? Feel free to contact us!

At Barton Bath + Floor, we understand the difficulty of deciding what flooring and wall panels will fit
your home and make it pop. We offer many unique products that can work with any home, so we hope
this blog was successful in helping you narrow down your decision.

Timeless Sinks that are Easy to Clean and Disinfect

Cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen sink should be relatively quick and painless. The less time you spend cleaning your sink, the more time you have to do the things you love. When you invest in a material such as stainless steel, your sink will be easy to keep clean, and you won’t have to spend much time cleaning it.

The kitchen sink is where most of the household cleaning takes place, so when it comes to choosing a new kitchen sink, you want to make sure it’s easy to clean and disinfect. Stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, and fireclay are relatively easy materials to take care of. In contrast, other materials such as natural stone (marble and granite), cast iron, and copper can affect how often and how much time will need to spend cleaning and maintaining your sink.

Another thing to consider when choosing your kitchen sink is that some materials are also more likely to trap dirt and bacteria, which can cause drain blockages and other problems. When deciding on a material for your kitchen sink, consider the drain cleanliness and impurity trapping ability of the material and the ease of cleaning the drain.

Below, we feature some of our favourite timeless and easy to clean and disinfect kitchen sinks. These sink materials are a great way to keep your kitchen sink free of germs and dirt. In addition, Barton Bath + Floor recommends a non-porous and high-gloss finish; this is an easy way to keep clean and resist stains.

Zomodo Stainless Steel Sinks

Zomodo Stainless Steel Sinks

The Zomodo Cayman products are crafted with premium 16 gauge SUS304 stainless steel and pre-finished with a high-lustre 3M Scotch-Brite™ surface. The signature feature of this collection is Zomodo’s patented ultra-thin 3mm bridge, allowing for maximum bowl volume and no splash back from your faucet.

Key Benefits of a Stainless Steel Sink: 

  • Rust Resistant
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Easy to Clean - Use hot water and soap!
Blanco SILGRANIT Ikon Collection

Blanco SILGRANIT Sinks

The surface of SILGRANIT is non-porous, with the ability to push away liquids and residue. This engineered stone makes for a low-maintenance, anti-bacterial surface for your kitchen. SILGRANIT sinks are proudly made in Canada and are available in nine nature-inspired colours! Featured here is an apron front sink from the Blanco IKON collection.

Key Benefits of a Granite Composite Sink: 

  • Easy to Clean
  • Scratch and Cut Resistant
  • Highly Durable
  • Heat Resistant

Nantucket Fireclay Sinks

Featured below is Nantucket's 33 Inch Farmhouse Fireclay Sink with a white finish. Fireclay is hygienic and this sink is finished with a glazed surface that inhibits bacterial growth better than stainless steel. The glaze is done by hand, so each sink is unique!

Key Benefits of a Fireclay Sink: 

  • Eco-Friendly - fewer cleansers required
  • Rust Proof
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Easy to Clean - Use hot water and soap! (And maybe a little bleach for those tougher stains)

If you're looking for the perfect kitchen sink upgrade, check out our beautiful selection of kitchen sinks that are easy to maintain and timeless in style at Barton Bath + Floor. We're always here to guide you with any questions to ensure that the sink you choose is the right sink for your lifestyle.

Leading Tile Trends for 2022

Tile flooring is a timeless choice that continues to flutter in and out of style. Popular trends such as the black and white checkerboard tile cluttered most 1950s kitchens. This renaissance pattern took over in the 14th century and became widely popular; eventually, this tile trend left the kitchen and became popular in ballrooms and large living spaces. Ultimately, this pattern subsided, but tiles did not. As a result, we have seen spectacular 2022 tile trends that reveal new designs, colours, shapes, and sizes that showcase fresh styles.

Tile trends for 2022

Backsplashes, Accent Walls, and More

Tiles are low maintenance, durable, and hypoallergenic; this can be a real bonus if you suffer from allergies. Understandably homeowners can't seem to get enough of the benefits of having all tile floors. And this year, we have seen more areas getting complete tile makeovers. These shared spaces will take tile renovations to a whole new level, from bathrooms to kitchens. Tiles have many unique advantages, one being that it doesn't need just to be placed on the floor any longer. Tiled backsplashes for your kitchen or bathroom or tile accent walls in the living room have been a hot trend this year. Tile accents add a clever and creative touch to your home and are unique depending on the tile you use, its position, and your style.

Bold colour tile trends for 2022

Bold and Beautiful

If the colour has always been something you have been indecisive over, do not fear. Tile trends this year are colourful and bold, and there is no wrong tile colour choice. Coloured tile is desired in most modern-day homes.

The typical white tile hasn't been completely washed out yet, as an all-white tile floor can still draw lots of positive attention. The most common colours of tiles that we are seeing are rust, grey, blue (indigo), and boom yellow. However, if neutral/white tile is more up your alley, there are endless ways to update it that coincide with today's trends. Are you looking to add a new statement piece to your home that feels true to your style? Try to add a statement colour on one wall. Or add a cluster of coloured floor tiles to be the perfect combination with neutral tiles with a spark of colour. These bold choices of tiles can be used as an accent colour or just by themselves. So no matter what tile colour you choose, know that it is in style and will look great!

Tile shape trends for 2022

Tile Shape

The shape of tiles has transformed over the years, and each has its advantages. While knowing which form of tile will best fit your space, sometimes exploring the options of the various materials like ceramic, stone, glass, and marble may lead you in the right direction as far as the shape.

We have seen a decrease in subway tiles and pinwheel tiles. Although they are simple, versatile, and have elegant balance, the direction for 2022 is sheet tiles. Popular sizes, including 12×12, 18×18, 12×24, and 8×10, are in most homes. Larger tiles deliver a clean appearance. In addition, the polished, glazed finish can diminish the appearance of dirt and stain over time. Nevertheless, larger floor tiles reflect light in small spaces and give the impression of a better lit and more open space.

Tiles have changed so much through the years, but one thing remains consistent. Tiles are easy to clean, look great for long periods in high traffic locations and show style with minimal effort. We can only hope to see more tile trends throughout the year. So if you want to redo your living space this year with tiles, check out our revolutionary selection at Barton Bath + Floor.

The Perfect Faucet to Complete your Bathroom

The best way to give your bathroom a facelift is by updating outdated bathroom faucets and accessories. Adding a new touch of refinement is the key to keeping your bathroom valuable and stylish. The bathroom sink is one of the most common sinks we use daily, and there is a handful of beautiful and diverse bathroom faucets styles that could fit your home.

Below, we list different stylish bathroom faucets to inspire you before you shop.

Widespread or Centerset Bathroom Faucet

If you are one for traditional looks, the widespread, or centerset faucets are excellent choices. They work with most common fittings, and are found in most homes where the bathroom sink space is smaller. In addition, this is one of the most popular types of faucets because of the effortless cleaning venture between the handles and the faucets. This type of faucet is also considered more luxurious than other types of faucets.

SIngle-Hole Bathroom Faucet

A single-hole faucet is becoming trendier in homes this year. The single-hole faucet has one handle to control both hot and cold temperatures and the strength of the water stream. This select faucet style is perfect for small spaces and is relatively easy to install. They also look fantastic on vanity sinks!

Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet

A unique twist to the traditional faucet is the wall-mount faucet. This faucet sits on the wall above the sink. This type of faucet provides ample space on the counter and is a great addition to a vessel sink.

Although these faucets look beautiful and are more common to see in modern bathrooms, the wall-mount faucet also requires a bit more work to install.

Vessel Bathroom Sink

A vessel sink makes a statement to the bathroom. When you have a vessel sink designed to sit on top of the counter, you will need a taller and more straightforward faucet that adds to the refinement and doesn't take away from it. A vessel hole faucet has an extremely long neck and is made to accommodate tall sinks. This faucet sink combo will take your modern contemporary bathroom to the next level!

Ready to get shopping for your new bathroom faucet? Barton Bath + Floor wants your bathroom to look the best, but we also understand that the faucet needs to match your select home style. It can be challenging to navigate which one will match the rest of your bathroom designs with different styles and finishes.

We invite you to visit our showroom today to see our collection of bathroom faucets. At Barton Bath + Floor, we can help find the right fit for you, whether it’s a simple upgrade or a complete renovation!

A Guide to Your Perfect Kitchen Layout

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or house, creating a well-designed kitchen layout is essential to keep your kitchen functional and practical. With various kitchen layouts and designs, ergonomics play an important role in how your kitchen can look its best, without being too cramped or overcrowded.

Barton Bath + Floor has compiled a few insider tricks to keep your kitchen and appliances nice and organized and ease your mind when dealing with the unique shape of your kitchen.

Review Your Floor Plan

Assess the kitchen floor plan for your home, as it's good to have a quick overview of the kitchen's layout. By drawing an outline of the room and indicating doors, windows, and counter spaces, you can determine where to and where not to rearrange things. The kitchen environment should ultimately fit you and how you use the room, not the other way around.

Types of Kitchen Layouts

Single Line Kitchen

Single-Line Kitchen

A single-line kitchen may have a few names, like Pullman kitchen, one-wall kitchen, or even straight-line kitchen, but they all mean the same thing. A single-line kitchen is a kitchen that places all cabinets, counters, and appliances all in one line.

Single-line kitchens are great for smaller kitchens and create a clean aesthetic. When dealing with a single-line kitchen, think vertically. You do not want to add too much width or risk your kitchen looking boxy or chunky.

Height will save you with this type of layout. Place cabinets high on the walls to give you the extra storage space and divide the eye's natural focus. High cabinets will help your kitchen not look too furniture heavy on the bottom. If possible, try to put appliances like the refrigerator, the oven, and the dishwasher near the end of the counter. This creates a lot of open counter space for cooking utensils and smaller counter appliances, not to mention meal prep and cleaning.

Galley Kitchen

Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is a kitchen that looks like an alley or a gulley—a single aisle between a row of cabinets and counters that face each other. The secret with a galley kitchen is not to have high cabinets. High cabinets will darken this space and give it a tunnel-like appearance.

Lower cabinetry in a galley kitchen will offer flexibility and storage space. These galley kitchens tend to have lots of countertop space. Still, due to the high traffic volume of the center walkway of this kitchen, it is easy to bump into one another, especially for larger families or for multiple cooks in the kitchen.

L-Shaped Kitchen

L-Shaped Kitchen

As the name suggests, an L-shaped kitchen layout is formed by countertops and cabinetry in the shape of an L customarily found in the corner of the kitchen. The countertops are only accessible from the front, and everything has its back against the wall. This kitchen layout works best with both for small and large kitchens and can leave lots of room for a center island, small counter appliances, and food preparation room.

High and low cabinets are perfect for this type of kitchen, and there is lots of freedom when it comes to where to put your appliances. Typically, the shorter leg of the counter will house two appliances, such as the oven and the refrigerator, while the dishwasher will be settled on the more extended portion of the L.

Another great thing about an L-shaped kitchen is that you have lots of options for the design. You don't have to worry about dark colours making the kitchen appear smaller or be afraid of fun patterns as an L-shaped layout increases the appearance of space.

Peninsula Kitchen

Peninsula Kitchen

Many might not know the name of this kitchen layout, but the peninsula kitchen is one of the most common kitchens in North American homes. A peninsula kitchen has a worktop attached to the wall and at the end of the kitchen cabinets, most popularly used as a breakfast bar.

The Peninsula kitchen offers an excellent solution for those kitchens conserving space and can be used for food preparation, eating, or daily tasks outside of cooking.

This layout is excellent for a smaller kitchen and helps open the room up to the adjacent space without fully committing to an open concept.

In addition, the peninsula kitchen serves as a great divider that separates the kitchen from the dining room or living room. However, when it comes to the peninsula kitchen, it can be easy to feel trapped, especially if you have dark cabinetry. The best way to avoid this without changing the colour of your cabinetry to a lighter, more neutral colour is to invest in proper lighting. Proper lighting can brighten up the kitchen and have it appear less daunting.

While a floor plan will determine your home's type of kitchen layout, knowing these tricks about your specific kitchen layout will help you optimize the area to work better for your kitchen needs.

Need help in designing your kitchen or looking for new kitchen appliance to fully optimize your kitchen space? Contact us or View the brands we carry for great kitchen sinks, faucets and more!

Common Bathroom Design Flaws and How to Fix Them

A bathroom is where you get ready to face the world and relax after a hard day. Therefore, your bathroom should comfort and offer you convenience. Impractical features and dysfunctional spacing can be frustrating. However, these are flaws you don't have to live with forever.

Below is a list of common bathroom design flaws for you to avoid. If you find your bathroom has a few on the list, we will walk you through how to fix them!

Mismatched bathroom features - how to coordinate

Mismatched Bathroom Features

Your bathroom features should coordinate to create a cohesive look. Mismatched features can be a design flaw, not to mention an eyesore. Incompatible features can make your bathroom look thrown together and rushed. Whether it was the builder, the renovator, or even your granddad who put these features in your bathroom, these errors can be easily rectified.

Decide on the look you want for the bathroom hardware (flat black, silver, brushed gold, nickel or bronze). Vanities, faucets, and even lighting fixtures, all once coordinated, will give the bathroom a balanced flow that you can be proud of.

Replace hardwood flooring with more practical tile or laminate

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is often desired and a key seller to those looking to upgrade their homes. But besides it being a favourite for its warm and inviting look, hardwood and bathrooms do not mix well. Over time, moisture from the bath and shower will warp the hardwood, resulting in a costly repair to replace and an uninviting floor. Instead, use tile or laminate style flooring. Keep the classy hardwood for the other main living spaces.

Décor Pieces

Often, the bathroom is not visualised as a place where it should be decorated. However, the bathroom is part of the home and should have a matching theme to your home or a theme all on its own. You can make it more inviting, warmer, and complete by adding décor to the bathroom.

A bathroom with no décor looks cold and is not pleasant. By adding a vase of flowers (real or fake), photos on the wall, or candles, you can create the theme for your bathroom. Some of the most popular bathroom themes are modern, tropical, or rustic. This straightforward design remedy can make all the difference in your bathroom.

Exposed plumbing

Exposed Plumbing

Speaking of bathroom themes, unless you are going with a rustic industrial décor look to your bathroom, exposed plumbing doesn't look nice. Exposed plumbing is a huge eyesore and can also be hazardous to some. In addition, exposed pipes can get very hot if running hot water, sticking out at awkward angles, and all-around can cause harm to you or someone in your family.

Depending on how much of the industrial elements are exposed in the bath area, this can be a bit pricey to fix but could be worth it if you plan on selling your home.

Full colour fixtures

Full Colour

This one is self-explanatory. Although this was a huge design trend back in the day, the coloured sink, toilet, and tub design have faded.

There are other ways to go about adding colour to your bathroom without interjecting it into your main bathroom features. Colour bathroom features can date your space, and if you plan on selling your home soon, it is one of the key features that can scare away a potential home buyer. Classic white features for the sink, tubs, and toilets are recommended.

Following Trends

What may seem like a good idea at the time, trendy and easy-to-install features can potentially be a mistake later on. So instead, integrate timeless features that you know will be classics for years to come.

Trends are personal and unique, and not everyone is into the same styles that you may like, so avoid having to change things down the road. Think to yourself, "Is this functional? Will it be a good investment? Will this current trend date and age the home if I decide to sell?" Instead, install classic bathroom features and do without the anomalies you are tempted to get just because they're in style.

Bad Lighting

Bathroom lighting is usually a detail you don't think of until you put on makeup or wash your face and notice. However, lighting fundamentals are vital to having complete comfort in your bathroom. For example, fixtures placed above the bathroom mirror will most likely cast shadows over your face. Recessed lighting from above the sink can also cause these unwanted shadows.

For some, sheer blinds on a window can help brighten up a bathroom during the day, and LED light bulbs will help improve the overall light source quality. But what if you do not have a window or any natural light in your bathroom? It is advisable to strengthen the light in the bathroom by adding more lights. Strategically placing ceiling or wall-mounted light fixtures can improve general lighting in your bathroom.

When it comes to your bathroom, planning the design and layout is necessary. The good news is a lot of these shared bathroom design mistakes are easily fixable for you to bring comfort and convenience to your home. Visit our showroom today and see how one of our experts can help fix up your bathroom design!

Upgrade your Flooring for the New Year

Flooring has changed so much over the years with new tastes and technology. It allows for a variety of designs. In 2022 we will see exciting recent trends in tile, vinyl, and wood!

Highlighted Wood Flooring

Highlighted Wood

This year bleached and highlighted hardwood planks are going to dominate your living spaces. This flooring refines the forest's natural colour palette and brings out tonality and depth of character. This flooring showcases the natural wood grain, and you don't get lost or drawn away from its beauty and charm. This flooring is perfect for large open concept living spaces and high traffic environments in the home.

Concrete Tile Flooring

Concrete Tiles

The worn and industrial flooring style has been around for quite some time, but it has recently taken hold and increased in popularity. You will see this concrete, aged look in more homes in the new year. The concrete tile flooring is perfect for any size room or bathroom and works best for homeowners craving that beautiful rustic look. This type of styling gives a slightly worn and industrial finish but is classy and elevates the modern home, but with a twist.

Pattern Flooring

Pattern Flooring

The standard straight placing of wood planks is often seen in most homes. But nearing the end of this year, and a trend we will see going forward is pattern designs that take your flooring from practical use to decorative use!

This trend adds a unique touch to modern flooring. Whether it be hardwood, laminate, or vinyl pattern flooring adds a special touch to your spaces and can be used as a nice design piece. A brand like Ceratec has patterned flooring that is a great way to add unique and fun accents to your kitchen or dining room.

Black Tile

Black Tile

Vintage tile has always been about nostalgia and bringing back decades-old memories. In the new year, tiles are making a comeback, but not just any tiles… black tiles. These tiles add warmth and create a luxurious aurora to any room. Most homeowners with black tiles crave that unique touch that many do not have. This 2022 trend blends vintage and nostalgia with contemporary for your home's best look and feel.

Strong Grain Flooring

Strong Grain Flooring

If you are looking for or have always desired rich colour and noticeable wood grain in flooring, then look no further. 2022 is here to show you all the smoky and dark tones to enhance the natural grains of wood. The final look to this flooring is attractive, and the multi-coloured look is so sought after as it gives the appearance that a space is larger than what it is.

This wood flooring is warm and welcoming, and you will no longer want to resort to traditional hardwood to achieve the same look. This flooring trend is all about colour, look, and texture blended in one to be a showstopper for kitchens, entryways, and living rooms.

This upcoming year we can see that the traditional flooring is being sought after but with a twist. Homeowners want flooring that's unique and tells a story through its design. So, if you are thinking of buying flooring this year, think new, exciting and keep in mind these 2022 Flooring trends.

Holiday Bathroom Décor Ideas

Your bathroom might not be the first place you think of when you think of decorating for the holiday season. But we have some fantastic winter styles that will make your bathroom warm and welcoming for you and potential guests during the holiday season.

This holiday season, transform your bathroom with cute and clever steps while working with what you got. Add holiday accents like plaid hand towels and other seasonal accents. By keeping your decor minimal with festive decoration, the scenery becomes subtle and elegant and visually eye-catching. Not to mention it makes for an easy clean up once the season is over!

Garland Around Mirror

Add some festive greenery to your bathroom mirrors this year. You can even incorporate details such as bells, lights, ribbons, holly and more!

Showcase a Vanity Vase

Don’t want to go all out with seasonal decoration but still want to do something? You can never go wrong with a simple vase. Pine branches, white bark or pinecones work great! Add a pop of colour with bulb ornaments and some ribbon, and you’re set!

Bring out the Festive Bath and Hand Towels

Nothing says holiday greetings like a pair of festive bath towels. No matter what you celebrate this time of year, selective holiday bath towels can add that magical charm to your bathroom.

Hang a Holiday Wreath

If photos in picture frames aren’t for you, think outside the box and try hanging a holiday wreath in your washroom. Places include the back of the door, on the mirror, or on the wall. This untraditional spot for a wreath might leave your guest speechless and will quickly become a showstopper for your bathroom décor.

Display Candles on the Vanity

Nothing says the holidays like the smells of the holidays. Scented candles are a must have for your bathroom this season. Vanilla, cranberry and so many more can decorate your bathroom vanity. Not only do candles look great! They also smell great!

Add a Miniature Christmas Tree

If you’re celebrating Christmas this year, bring out the miniature tree! Your Christmas tree doesn’t just need to be in your living room. We recommend placing it near your bathtub!

From the festive bath towels to the cheerful rug and a scented candle with garland accents, there are so many joyful aspects you can easily add to create a holiday bathroom!

Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

From selecting the right paint to the proper decor, when updating your home there are always decisions to be made! And choosing the right kitchen cabinet hardware shouldn’t be the last item on the list. The right kitchen cabinet handles can make huge visual impacts and can elevate and liven up your space in an effortless way.

If you’re struggling with style and colour, or even unsure if the knob or pull hardware is for you, then let this post guide you on your decision-making process.

Types of kitchen cabinet hardware

Types of Hardware

When it comes to your kitchen cupboards and the type of hardware you choose, it’s good to know that there aren’t any strict rules to follow. Pulls or knobs or even both can be used throughout your kitchen. It doesn’t have to be just one or the other. Across Canada is it normal to see pulls on all drawers and knobs for all doors.

Knobs are smaller than the pull handles and tend to be less expensive and easier to install with a simple screw. While pull handles are much larger and make more of a statement, they also come in an array of sizes. Pull handles also complement larger cabinets very well.

Pulls are much more comfortable when pulling open a drawer. It allows for your whole hand to grab a hold of the handle. Pull handles on drawers are usually more helpful as drawers tend to be heavier, filled with pots, pans, silverware, and other miscellaneous things. While knobs are usually good for doors as you only use a light touch with a few fingers

Selecting what's best for you in kitchen cabinets

What’s Best for you

Once you have decided on the hardware type, look around your kitchen. It’s best to see the type of style your kitchen has, as this will come in handy when choosing the different shapes of knobs and pulls. Does your kitchen have any hard squares or curvy lines, and what type of hardware will look best with your cabinets?

When working with a modern kitchen it’s best to stay with smooth, clean lines that will make your kitchen cabinets appear sleek. Curvy or textured details on your hardware will work well with older and more traditional-inspired kitchens.

Stainless steel, brass, and chrome kitchen cabinet hardware

Stainless Steel, Brass, and Chrome

Brass and Chrome Kitchen cabinet hardware is very trendy right now, it has been in and out of style since 1980 and can be beautiful in small amounts. It’s one of the reasons why having brass or chrome accent colours do so well in homes, they make your space look classy and timeless. Brass and Chromes are very modernized now, but you can still find the metal hardware bouncing around in older homes. Not to mention, brass and chrome add a bit of flair and drama to your kitchen.

Stainless steel hardware matches just about any space and is corrosion resistant. Although stainless steel is very durable and will most likely last you a lifetime, polished stainless steel can show fingerprints. Lightly sanded stainless steel hardware is more popular in the modern home.

Lacquered or unlacquered kitchen cabinet finishes

Unlacquered or Lacquered Finishes

With any kitchen hardware, you have options as well depending on the type of finish on the knobs and the pulls. There are so many different types of finishes such as polished lacquer, unlacquered, antiqued and sanded all to fit your lifestyle, and vision.

Polished hardware that is sealed with a lacquer coating will not age or tarnish and will give the appearance of a brand-new kitchen look even if it’s been a few years since your last reno. White lightly sanded hardware will not show fingerprints. Choosing the right finish can make your hardware stand out within your kitchen!

Visit our showroom today to find the perfect kitchen cabinets for your home!

6 Tips to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring

Wood floors bring timeless, warm, natural beauty to your home. Here are 6 tips to make sure they always look their best by preventing damage that can occur over time.

Place area rugs on your hardwood floors

Put Down Rugs

Limiting high traffic wear and tear is very important with your hardwood flooring. Area rugs can help tremendously in protecting against potential scratches, spills, and everyday use. They also act as a barrier between your flooring and heavy furniture. When furniture is moved, it can cause deep scratches in the wood. You could use furniture pads to avoid this as well.

Remove your shoes when walking on your hardwood floors

Take Off Your Shoes

Try to always remove shoes when entering your house and remind guests upon entry. Entrance rugs can be very handy and provides guests a place to wipe their shoes as well. Taking off shoes avoids water damage and tracking in particles like little rocks that could cause abrasions. This tip is essential in the sloppy winter months especially.

Trim your pets' nails to keep your hardwood floors looking nice

Trim Your Pets' Nails

Maintaining a short nail length on your furry family members will keep your hardwood looking new for longer. Trimming their nails frequently keeps them from scratching the surface. We recommend placing your area rugs in high traffic areas where your pets get most excited and likely do the most damage.

Clean spills from your hardwood floors

Wipe Up Spills

Always make sure to clean any spills right away and ensure the area is completely dry afterwards. Leaving liquid on hardwood for long amounts of time can cause extreme damage including discoloration and warping of the wood.

Clean your hardwood floors regularly

Keep a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining clean wood floors is the most effective way to extend their lifeline. We recommend sweeping each day to get all the dirt, dust, food etc. picked up from daily activities. You could use a dust mop for a quick and easy sweep! Investing in a good quality mop and vacuum will add to the longevity of your hardwood. High traffic areas should be mopped about once a week. This also goes for the products that go along with the mop and water. Typically, these higher quality products will work easier with less wear and tear to the floors.

Prevent Sun Damage to your Hardwood Floors

Prevent Sun Damage

Sunshine can cause discoloration over time by lightening the shade of your hardwood. There are a few ways to prevent this including installing window treatments, applying films to the windows or a wood floor finish to help block the UV rays.

Visit our showroom today to find the perfect hardwood flooring for your home!